Arman Novin Pishgaman Saba is currently directing five companies and two companies indirectly investing in the following companies in order to fulfill the defined goals. The company plans to double the number of companies it invests in, according to its mid-term plan, by the end of the year 2021.

Row Company Name Registered Capital – Rials Percentage of ownership Legal representative
1 Arman Novin Farzanegan Saba 100,000,000,000 52.00% Mr. Mohammarreza Mohammadrezaie
2 Arman Novin Armaghan Saba 100,000,000,000 53.5% Mr. Abbas Roustaie
3 Isfahan Power Maintenance Company 50,000,000,000 34.50% Mr. Morteza Narimani
4 Pars Parand Hayan 50,000,000,000 70% Mr. Abbas Roustaie
5 Kosar sanat parsian 2,000,000,000 49.00% Mr. Mohammarreza Mohammadrezaie