Arman Sepahan Petrochemical

Arman Sepahan Petrochemical Company was registered on 11/04/2005 with registration number 26378 and national ID 10260471315 in Isfahan Companies Registration Office at the following address: Shahreza, Razi Industrial Town, Phase 1 St., Rang Sazan St., Block 4, No. 37.


The registered and paid-in capital of the company is 1,720 billion Rials.


The shareholders of the company are as follows:


    Tejarat Bank 8.30%

    Iranian Investment Company 42.7%

    Mellat Financial Group 27.75%

    Arman Novin Farzanegan Saba Company 21.25%


Type of Activity:


The development plan of the company isopropanol unit (IPA) with a capacity of 40,000 tons per year with a physical progress rate of 70%.